Monday, January 25, 2010

2009 Happenings

~We had an Eventful 2009~
Matt and Alisha are done with Dental school he
graduated from Dental
School in the Spring!
A Family Cruise
Jared and Lindsey moved to Des Moines, Iowa
Jared started Med School, Lindsey is teaching ELA to K-2
Colton returned from his mission in Nov of 2008
and started at BYU in Jan of 09
Kristy's and Ryan's wedding
And urban dwellers in our home!

Matt and Alisha graduated from Dental School in 2009.
Congratulations you two - we are so proud of both of you!
Here are some pics to show them off!

Matt loves Alisha

Alisha loves Matt

Let's go graduate!

Awesome! Introducing...... Dr. Whitesides!

Alisha is so proud of Matt!

Give me some sugar! Alisha just kissed a Doctor!!


Bros and Sisters

Moms and Dads

Grandma and Grandpa

Let's Party and Celebrate!!

YUM!! Good food!!
btw... those are really cool water jugs! :)

Congratulations Dr. Matt and Alisha!

We had some urban dwellers living with us for a while.
Yup! They were squirrels and raccoons!
They made their homes in our attic and
had little babies there too!
We had to have critter control come out and get 'em out!
at took a while.
Those pesky rodents t
ore the attic apart and
we had to have the attic
gutted and rebuilt.
The crew went from the inside of the house up to the attic.
It took several w
Here are some pics of the "wildlife experience".

First we had to empty the master bedroom,
the family room and an
other bedroom.

Then the crew started coming in-
they put up plastic everywhere!

They brought a big dumpster and put it
in the drive way - it ended up being almost totally full!

Next step....
Tearing apart the ceiling. They started small and....

went big!

So..... after it was all completed we decided that
we wanted to upgrade a little bit.
We put new carpet and tile in the family room.
Colton and Will did the tile during Thanksgiving when C
came home for a few days. It looks so awesome.
Check it out for yourself!

They had to reinforce the floor from the bottom up-
this is the crawl space. goo......

They sanded the floor - and what a mess that was....

my entire house was covered with this dust - it was a mess!

reinforcing the wood floor before the tile was laid

tile cutter -

lay it all down...

to make sure we have a perfect fit...

we also enlisted the help of the Whitesides.
Matt cut and placed the tile...

Alisha was the supervisor!
And a cute one at that!

after the tile was placed - they picked it all up

and laid it for real this time!

cleaning the tile grout was a huge pain in the you know what!!

Look at the finished product! It looks amazing!
Great job boys! I LOVE it!!Ta Da!!!!! Beautiful!!!

And this spring - C will come home and they will
tile my kitchen! Ya-Hoo!!!

L & J' school, R & K's Wedding and Cruise pictures soon to follow!!
see ya soon!


  1. Terri! I didnt know you had a blog! YAY! :) You sure did have an eventful year! Love you!

  2. Great Post. Maybe I should get over so i can walk on your new tile. Love ya